Our Commitment to Sustainable Beauty

At craft+theory, beauty is not just about looking good; it’s about doing good. Explore our journey towards sustainable beauty.

Eco-Friendly Haircare

Davines Salon

We selected Davines as our trusted partner for sustainable haircare products, color, and treatments. As a family-owned company since 1983, they share our commitment to beauty and sustainability

Together, we bring you environmentally conscious haircare products that redefine beauty routines.

  • We’re proud to introduce you to the world of Davines, where 100% of the energy used to craft their products in Parma, Italy, is renewable.

  • We embrace Davines’ eco-friendly packaging, with 81% of paper and cardboard made from recycled materials and 100% carbon-neutral product packaging through their EthioTrees reforestation partnership.

  • 80% of products boast organic, natural, or modified natural ingredients.

  • When you choose Davines, you’re also choosing responsible beauty, as 60% of the packaging—primary, secondary, and tertiary—is made from recycled materials, contributing to a greener future.

Sustainable ECOHEADS Showerheads

Hair Washing, Reimagined

Our ECOHEADS salon showerheads have revolutionized the way we wash and care for your hair. These innovative showerheads are designed to provide a relaxing and efficient shampoo experience, all while conserving water and ensuring the highest levels of hygiene.

With our ECOHEADS, you get the benefits of:

  • Optimal Water Pressure: Our patented shower-plate technology doubles water pressure, delivering a powerful stream that not only cuts your rinse time in half but also offers a rejuvenating massage during your shampoo.

  • Cleaner Water: Our filtration system removes sediment, dirt, and rust from the water, ensuring your hair is treated with pure, refreshing water that’s free from impurities.

  • Water and Energy Savings: On average, a salon basin uses a staggering 150 gallons of water every day. Our ECOHEADS significantly reduces water flow, saving up to 65% of water usage, equivalent to two wine barrels a day.

  • Soft Water Benefits: The EcoStones in our showerheads introduce negative ions, softening the water and infusing moisture into your hair. This gentle treatment smooths out the hair shaft, leaving you with softer, shinier hair.

Conserving Color with Vish

Minimizing Color waste

Thanks to Vish, we’ve revolutionized how we manage and reduce the waster of hair color.

By leveraging their innovative hair color management system, we’ve successfully reduced our color usage by an astounding 205% per service. That’s not just a number; it’s a testament to our dedication to eco-conscious practices without compromising the quality of your haircare.

Our Sustainable Journey

green circle salon

For over six years, we’ve proudly partnered with Green Circle Salons, an initiative dedicated to reducing, reusing, and recycling salon waste. Together, we’ve taken significant steps to minimize our environmental impact and contribute to a greener planet.

  • A Greener Tomorrow: In collaboration with Green Circle Salons, we’ve successfully diverted salon waste away from landfills and waterways. Together, we’ve kept a staggering 1,284,437 pounds of beauty waste out of harm’s way.

  • Harnessing Clean Energy Our sustainability journey also involves supporting clean energy initiatives. Through our partnership with Green Circle Salons, our combined efforts produced a remarkable 85,800 kWh of clean energy. To put this into perspective, it’s equivalent to powering 94 homes for an entire month or charging over 7,000,000 smartphones.

  • Reducing Carbon Emissions: Green Circle Salons successfully prevented a substantial 47 metric tons of CO2e emissions. To put it plainly, that’s like taking 10 cars off the road for a full year. 

  • Certified for a Greener World: This prestigious certification recognizes our high standards of performance across all areas, including environmental responsibility. Additionally, Green Circle Salons has achieved the zero-waste-to-landfill certification through the Carbon Trust Standard, solidifying our dedication to sustainable practices.

Beauty That Cares for the Earth

Together, we’re redefining beauty and making sustainability a part of every salon visit. 

As a team and as a salon, we are committed to efforts that support our environment, conserve resources, and prevent unnecessary waste to the plant.

Additional in-salon eco-friendly practices include:

  • Digital Receipts to minimize paper waste
  • 100% Recycled packaging and product bags
  • LED Bulbs that cut our energy usage in half


At craft+theory, we’re not just transforming your hair; we are transforming our industry’s impact on the environment. We’re proud to lead by example, showing that sustainability and exceptional haircare can go hand in hand.

Thank you for being a part of our journey toward a more eco-friendly future.