What is Model Call?  

It's simple.  It's a weekly Atelier for our staff to continue to progress in the craft of hairdressing.  Cutting, Coloring, + Styling are all needed in order for us to deliver services that meet our guests expectations on a consistent basis.  In order to do so, we need help from YOU.  Nominal fees are charged in order to keep the program fresh + new.  All "Models" are given the exact same experience we give all of our guests on a daily basis. Does this sound like something for you? 

Spots are limited.

June 24th: 4-8pm

July 22nd: 4-9pm

August 26th: 4-9pm

Sept. 8th: 9-4pm

Oct 20th: 9-4pm

Nov. 10th: 9-4pm

Questions? Call us at 201.857.5239

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