New York Fashion Week Through The Eyes Of Our Artisans

Our girl Nicole.C. gives us the inside scoop on what happened at NYFW while preparing for the Zimmerman show.

Q: What products did you use?

A: "The products we used were, volumea spray, volumea mousse, and vegetal spray."

Q: How did you use these products to create the look for the show?  

A: "We misted the hair with Volumea leave-in spray, then heavily packed the mousse at the root for direction and hold; using the blowdryer to set into hair. Then, we directed the hair into a low pony, using three different sections, spraying with vegetal spray in each section. This created a shiny, sleek, put together style."

Q: Overall, how was your first experience at NYFW? A: "I had such a wonderful experience! Tons and tons of teamwork, the stylists coming together to get work done on time for the show."

Love and light, Nicole.C